• Country: Germany
  • Regions: Ascheberg
  • Year of establishment: 1973
  • Specialty : legumes, cereals, snacks ...

A specialist in legumes and cereals, Davert has made a name for itself in the German specialty stores. For more information +


  • OKO Garanti

  • Fairtrade

Based on more than 30 years of experience, Davert try hard to cultivate their sense of quality and ecology. Each grain or legume is carefully selected to ensure quality products, grown in the respect of a the environment.

A beautiful story born under the sign of innovation

In 1973, Rainer Welke discovered the potential of organic food and created the “Maison Macro”, one of the top five German wholesalers at the time. After a strong growth, Davert GmBh is born.

Davert stands out as a leader by respecting values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are dear to him. Control has an ubiquitous place in the development of this company. Between the control of the freshness of the goods but also the monitoring of the various procedures and the cleanliness.

Specialist since 1973

Davert is today a recognized specialist for many products such as: rice, seeds and organic cereals of superior quality. But this is not his only activity. Indeed, sugar, dried fruits, nuts and seeds are also part of their wide range.

Recently, innovation is coming to Davert: new mixes spice up our meals. For soups, dinners or takeaway lunches, everything is done to make the kitchen even fresher and full of ideas.



Products from Davert

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Quinoa Chips Wild Paprika

Delicious snack, Paprika Quinoa Crisps are made from cornmeal, roasted quinoa flour, crunchy chia seeds and finally paprika and other spices.

This package of Quinoa crisps is ideal for an aperitif.

Popcorn Sweet

Davert's sweet popcorn is made from popcorn, cane sugar, agave syrup and sunflower oil. All the ingredients come from controlled organic farming.

Deliciously caramelized with whole cane sugar, these popcorns have an outstanding taste.

We advise you to keep them in a dry place, and not to expose them to heat.

Muesli Cup Cranberry Coconut

A greedy and fruity blend of coconut, vanilla, oatmeal and cranberry!

Muesli Cup Strawberry Yoghurt

Crunchy mueslis with yogurt and strawberry pieces. An ideal mix for summer mornings!

Muesli-Cup Raspberry and White chocolate

This Davert muesli is made of white chocolate, oats and raspberries!

Muesli-Cup Dark Chocolate

This muesli-cup is perfect for the greediest of you. On the menu: oats and crunchy dark chocolate.

Chia-Cup Mango-Coconuts

The chia-cup with mango and coconut, has a delicious sweet taste. Fast and easy to prepare, Davert chia-cups are ideal for your afternoon tea, breakfast or dessert.

Chia-cup Chocolate

Discover the Chocolate Chia-Cup of Davert. Simple and quick to prepare, it will please all chocolate lovers, whether for their snack, dessert or breakfast.

Chia-Cup Raspberry

Davert chia-cups are fast and easy to prepare. You can eat them for breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert. Let yourself be tempted by the sweet taste of Raspberry.

Chia-Cup Coconut

Let yourself be tempted by Davert's coconut chia-cup. With a delicious coconut taste, and chia seeds.

This chia-cup is simple and quick to prepare and will be very appreciated by coconut lovers during the afternoon snack.

Chia Topping Mixed Berries

A delicious blend of superfood based on berries (cranberries, blueberries). We advise you to mix it in your yogurts, desserts or even cereals.

Porridge cup couscous cranberries

This delicious hot couscous made from fruit cranberry, melting oatmeal, and vanilla is ideal for a good start to the day with a king's breakfast.

Porridge cup coconut cocoa

The combination of cocoa with coconut, oatmeal and crunchy cashews, enough to please gourmands.

Porridge-Cup Fruits

A mix of oatmeal, mango, bananas and dates, for a fruity breakfast or snack!

Quinoa-Cup Mexican

Delicious and prepared in few minutes, the Mexican Quinoa-Cup is the ideal snack for the office or home.
Mexican spices and a hint of chilli, combined with the taste of fresh corn and red pepper, make this dish a spicy tasting experience.

Quinoa Cup Mushrooms and herbx

Delicious and prepared in few minutes, Davert's Quinoa Cup with herbs and mushrooms is the ideal meal to bring to the office or to taste at home. Made up of loose Quinoa, aromatic mushrooms and garden herbs, it gives you a special moment of pleasure.

Rice Cup Mediterranean

With this quick dish, Davert offers you a delicate mediterranean blend of oregano, garlic, tomatoes and rice.

Rice Cup Sweet and Sour

An individual portion, ideal for a quick lunch break. A subtle sweet and savory blend of pineapple and peppers.

Quinoa Tricolore

Davert's Quinoa Tricolore consists of several cooking bags.

The colorful mix of red, black and white quinoa convinces with its attractive appearance. Sweet white quinoa, red and black quinoa, make this dish a very good taste experience.

Quinoa Tricolore is particularly loose and granular and is ideal as a base for creative salads and stir-fries or to accompany a dish.

Quinoa Mix

The match of fine-grained quinoa, sweet millet and buckwheat makes Davert's Quinoa Mix a special taste experience. The blend is loose and granular. The preparation is to be cooked with the cooking bags.