Farm Brothers

  • Country: Pays-Bas
  • Regions: Amsterdam
  • Year of establishment: 2013
  • Specialty : organic cookies

Farm Brothers, producer of organic cookies. It's an attractive brand with tasty, organic and 100% natural biscuits. For more information +


  • Bio Certificate

Farm Brothers has the slogan “Sharing the good stuff” . It is an attractive brand with tasty, organic and 100% natural biscuits.

The beginnings of an authentic brand

“Farm Brothers” is the nickname given by relatives of Teyler & Herman, two friends from the Netherlands. They decided to leave their job a few years ago to live their dream of “providing the world with healthy, tasty, cereal-based products”. They want to discover the true taste of good things!

The two friends then created a brand of cookies, like them: nice with modern and colorful packaging.

Farm Brothers produces high-quality cereals (oats, rye and spelled) rich in fiber. With no coloring, no additives, no preservatives and no aroma, their biscuits are natural and ultra-tasty. In addition, in order to respect the authenticity of the different flavors, the biscuits are cooked at low temperature.

A responsible and ethical brand

Responsible and ethical, Farm Brothers is a member of the “B Corporation”. This Label is intended for companies committed to the common good, social and environmental. The brand has therefore been able to adapt to the expectations of today’s consumers by offering simple recipes for committed farming.

In addition, in its organic production approach, Farm Brothers has chosen to focus on land use and the impact of CO2 emissions and other pollution on the ecosystem. They share this vision with the world and thus try to raise awareness on the part of society.

Thanks to a website dedicated entirely to land use, Farm Brothers highlights the impacts of organic farming and traditional agriculture, but also presents a short video on the importance of healthy soil for both biodiversity and for the human being. They wish to inform visitors about the influence they may have in choosing a particular product, depending on the type of farming used.

To show their own involvement in this change, the company also donates 5% of its turnover to farmers in transition from traditional farming to organic farming. They also donate to the Stichting Grondbeheer Foundation, a major player in biodynamic agriculture. On their website, they also share some stories about farmers learning and implementing methods to better care for the soil.

They also do not hesitate to share news and books about soil and actions that can be implemented in everyone. Regarding partnerships, Farm Brothers works with B Corp, Chelsea Green Publishing and Stichting Grondbeheer. They are also presented on the website so that any visitor can inquire.

Through this vision, Farm Brothers wants to show that it is possible to change our habits in order to have a better biodiversity and thus better food products.

Products from Farm Brothers

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt (150g)

This perfect mix of dark chocolate and sea salt will make you want to live on a cocoa farm, by the sea.

Ginger & Lemon (150g)

Melt for these delicious spicy ginger cookies and refreshing lemon. They will give a touch of sun wherever you are.

Hazelnut & Cinnamon (150g)

Crunchy cookies with a good taste of cinnamon and pieces of hazelnuts