• Country: The United Kingdom
  • Regions: Bristol
  • Year of establishment: 2001
  • Specialty : Biological infusions

Pukka is the fruit of a meeting between Sebastian Pole, herbalist and Tim Westwell in 2001. The two company founders had, and still have, the desire to connect individuals with the healing power of plants. For more information +


Pukka is the fruit of a meeting between Sebastian Pole, herbalist and Tim Westwell in 2001. The two company founders had, and still have, the desire to connect individuals with the healing power of plants. Today Pukka represents 34 organically-certified fruit infusions suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. The brand is distributed in more than 40 countries. Sebastian Pole was the force who created all the infusions himself from more than 150 species of herbs grown in 35 different countries, choosing only the highest-quality medicinal plants in order to ensure the most flavour and health benefits.
You’ll find a Pukka tea for every moment of the day: digestive teas, teas specifically designed for women to be enjoyed throughout the day or just to detoxify; Pukka takes us on a journey through a floral realm as much through their packaging as their plant blends, each more incredible than the next.

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An infusion designed to help you gently slip into a restorative slumber, and awaken fresh and rested. It offers a calming blend of oat flowers, soothing lavender and silky-sweet limeflower with the magic of Valerian. An ideal cup for night owls before going to bed.


A full-bodied herbal tea offering a soothing effect after meals. Firstly, the sumptuous taste of roasted chicory. Then, the soothing effect of cardamom combined with aniseed, followed by sweet fennel and licorice. Gently, the effects unfurl. This may well become the top dish of the evening.


A herbal tea embodying the bounty of nature as FairWild flowers that fill you with love every step of the way. A rose-scented caress will warm your heart, while the gentle embrace of camomile and lavender will soothe your soul. An infusion prepared with love, dedicated to love and called Love.


Chai. An exotic blend that was once the favourite of Indian royalty. Ours offers an abundance of the warmth of ginger, the vibrancy of cinnamon, the punch of cardamom and the invigorating effect of licorice-enveloped black tea. Fully organic and the product of fair trade practice. All the magic of India in a single cup.


A herbal tea to help spring clean your body. Feel your senses come alive with the subtle flavour of aniseed and the fresh flavour of fennel combined with the sumptuousness of cardamom and licorice - the pinnacle of purity. Out with the old, in with the new. Out with the old, in with the new. Detox is an infusion designed for new beginnings.


An infusion designed to help you to exude radiance. Packed with the benefits of plants and the freshness offered by the bounty of nature, the Cleanse infusion contains nettle leaf, dandelion root and FairWild fennel seed, with this blend refreshing through a hint of peppermint and aloe vera. Its purifying effect will add a sparkle to your eye, and radiance to your skin.


A herbal tea to help you to unwind, breathe and take in all the tranquillity camomile flowers have to offer together with the calm happiness brought on by fennel seed and marshmallow root. An ideal remedy for unwinding in the evening or at any time of the day. Relax and let your tension melt away.


A herbal tea designed to revive and invigorate you. The spiced hit from cinnamon, ginger and clove leads you on to the aromatic note of cardamom and orange, and ends off with a shiver delivered by spearmint and green tea. A tea to awaken the senses.


As is the case with all of our "three" range herbal teas, this recipe offers a ginger infusion as it should always have been served. Bursting with spiced vitality, it combines the sweetness of Galangal and golden turmeric with the heart-warming radiance of the most famous spice in the world, none other than ginger. A cup to warm and revitalise body and mind.


An infusion that melds together the three kings of mint to create a spectacularly refreshing blend. Spearmint, field mint and peppermint chopped together to release a flavour that is a combination of sweet, fresh and lively. A cup that will leave you as fresh and light as the sunniest of days.