The team

Every day, a team of thirteen people is working hard as “Tastefinders” !


gregory olivier
Olivier and Grégory, who initiated the project, head off to meet producers and to discover new products. They find ways and solutions to adapt them to the French and German markets.


 AudreyMatthias FedericoGilles
Gilles, Federico, Matthias and Audrey go every week check our top stores in France and Germany to value our partners new products and to collect relevant data.


 jana  dolores Olivier F.
Jana, Dolores and Olivier, when they are not alongside the rest of the team, find contact, develop and nurture partnerships with stores and producers. The point is to be up-to-date, coherent and reliable.


Cornélia Catherine
Cornélia communicates on the internet by sharing focused articles and analysis, creating powerful content and designing relevant visuals. Catherine makes sure that Ecolive Ecolive remains a finely working company by focusing on the administration part of the business.



Angelika et Adrian help the rest of the team getting work done by planning commercial tours, making phone calls, creating reportings and achieving other various challenging tasks.


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