Our commitments

The primary mission of Ecolive is to introduce ecologically responsible producers to consumers so as they can go and discover these culinary gems themselves in organic stores, often right on their doorstep. As an organic trade agency and “taste finder”, our main goal is to discover new culinary gems and to help producers to market their products in organic stores.

The producers at the heart of our concerns.

During their travels, Gregory and Olivier are always on the research for new producers. Eager for discovery, these producers of culinary gems often want to share their know-how in other countries such as France or Germany. And, it is here that we intervene. We help our producers to establish themselves on the French and / or German market by offering them a wide choice of services. From the stores visit, to point-of-sale promotions, we are helping these organic producers to  find their nich in this ultra-competitive sector.

Organic stores, Ali Baba’s cave

Specialty stores such as Biocoop or Alnatura like to be able to offer a wide range of quality products to these customers. Our role is to represent our producers at all these outlets. Always in discovery process, we offer them the flagship products and the latest news. It’s our sales representatives, always on the lookout for the needs of the stores, who advise them by offering them product catalogs, but also tastings. The expectations of stores and consumers are at the center of our concerns.

Our culinary gems, a treasure of taste

Producers are gold mines for us: they all have know-how, values ​​or a strong history that makes their products, culinary gems. It is thanks to their unique and tasty tastes that they are so successful. For us, the taste and pleasure of eating healthy and organic products are priorities. It is important that consumers can enjoy flavors and quality products. Our goal is to share our culinary adventures with different stakeholders, while remaining in harmony with our values ​​and ideals.